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Benefits of a Snooker Club website

We have listed below a number of benefits of your own website for your club, you can click on the list below to view more details.

To find out more and discuss a potential website for your club, complete our Contact Us form and we can answer any questions you may have.

Search Engine Optimisation Online presence 24/7
Technology explained Promoting your club
Our experience Existing customers
Snooker Forum Referrals
Professional image Reduced administration

Search Engine Optimisation
Your site will be submitted and enhanced for search engines, this will allow you to specify chosen key words and phrases to be added to your site. Potential members can then find your site in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This is all included in the price and if you have any queries regarding this area, please Contact Us.

Technology explained
We appreciate not everyone is an expert on the internet and websites, we will always explain everything in laymans terms so you can understand. You will probably find by the end of the project, websites and the internet are second nature.

Our experience and consultancy
We are very experienced at building websites and the functionality of all the different elements that make websites work including the customer experience and usability. However you are the expert in your industry, so we will of course give you advice and suggestions along the way, but the final decision will be with you for your site.

Snooker Forum
We will shortly be setting up a 'Snooker Club Forum' for owners and managers of snooker clubs all over the UK. This will allow clubs from different areas that are not in competition with each other to share ideas and case studies. Successful marketing campaigns to ideas for tournaments and events will be included to help promote your club.

Creates a professional image
As well as promoting your club to potential and existing members a website also gives your club a professional image to suppliers, investors and other companies you may deal with. It gives your club a permanent online brochure or business card that companies and business contacts can view online.

An online presence 24/7
Your website will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow potential new members to find out all about your club. Whatever time of day someone wants to contact you or find out about the club they can visit the website for an in depth view of your club and the facilities available. The internet is fast becoming the first place people look for information and statistics show that over 80% of the UK population now have access to the internet. This is a huge market of potential customers you could be missing out on, especially the younger generation who have grown up using the internet.

Promoting your club
A website provides a mass of information about your club in an easy to access medium. Compared to a leaflet or advertisement in a newspaper which only gives you a small amount of space to sell your club and facilities. With a website you can promote every element of your club in detail with photos and text to accompany it.

Keep existing customers informed
You can ensure existing members know exactly what is going on at the club and let them find out about tournaments, social events and latest offers whatever time of the day. Once your site is saved in their favourites they will be encouraged to visit the site to remind them to come down for a game or a few beers.

Due to the readily available access of the internet, it enhances the potential for people recommending your club to friends or relatives. Where in the past people would say "Pop down the club, when you get a chance", or "give them a call". Now it can be "Check out their website, it tells you everything about their facilities, opening times and how to join". They are also able to go straight on to the website and complete the application form and be a member in no time.

Reduced administration
With the ability to include online membership forms and online contact forms, your website can help streamline your administration. It can also be useful to refer people to for information such as opening times and details of the latest tournaments and events.

Limitless possibilities
Unlike a leaflet or poster, websites can be updated or expanded with relative ease allowing your website to be up to date with what's happening at your club and expand your site when it suits you. This gives you the control to promote your club in line with any other advertising or marketing you may be doing.